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About me

Hannes Paulmichl

Born and raised in South Tyrol - Italy, my passion is nature photography. Being outdoors, exposed to the elements, becoming one with nature and at the same time having wonderful experiences in nature fills me with deep satisfaction and peace. I am particularly enthusiastic about wildlife photography. To be able to experience and capture the most intense moments of the animal inhabitants of the wilderness for hours on end, alone, in absolute silence, is something I consider an absolute privilege. 

For photography, I am mainly in my home region of South Tyrol. For special projects, however, I also travel abroad, whereby I am very often drawn to Scandinavia.

Respect for nature is very important to me. I always see myself as a guest in the habitat of my subjects and behave respectfully accordingly. With my pictures, I would like to contribute to bringing the beauty and uniqueness of nature closer to my audience and thereby encourage them to think about and respect nature.





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